Sell Your Instagram Account

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Sell Your Instagram Account

Insta Tradia is the Instagram marketplace where social media agencies and individual entrepreneurs around the world can buy and sell their Instagram accounts.

Minimum Account Requirements

There are some requirements to sell your instagram account. You must have a minimum of 2k followers in order for us to be listed on our site.

Why Sell Instagram Account?

You can reach large audiences by growing Instagram accounts. Of course, there will be a reward for gathering this audience. You can earn a lot of money by selling instagram accounts.

How Much Is My Instagram Account Worth?

The value of your Instagram account; It may vary depending on the category of your instagram account, the location and activity of your followers. If you want to learn the value of your instagram account, contact us by filling out the sales form.

Why Are The Usernames Hidden?

As Insta Tradia, we act as an instagram account marketplace. We mediate a safe and fast trade between buyers and sellers.
instagram Account sellers sometimes do not want to share their account names as a spam or scammers. In addition, we prevent sales outside of our site.

How Long Does My Instagram Account Take to Sell?

We always make the requests of our partners our priority. We shorten the processing times by uploading your instagram accounts that you want to sell to our platform as soon as possible. The sales period of your instagram account varies depending on the category and activity of the account.

To Sell Your Instagram Account:

1- List your instagram account for free by filling out the Sales Form.

2- Our team will review your instagram account to verify your Instagram account and will contact you via e-mail in case of need. (Mandatory Process)

3- After your instagram account has passed the review process, our team starts the promotion process of your instagram account. We promote your instagram account via e-mail to buyers who want to buy or to our customers who are looking for an Instagram account.

4- We contact you when the buyer makes a reasonable offer to your account. If you accept, the deal process begins. You have to submit your identity information to our team within 1 day.

5- As soon as the buyer makes the payment to us, our team takes over your account and sends the payment to you.