How can I buy an Instagram account?

These are the transactions that our dear customers will perform when purchasing an instagram account:

- Adding the instagram account that the customer wants to buy to the cart.
- Go to the checkout page and the buyer enters their contact information there.
- Our team will send an e-mail containing the purchase contract to the buyer within 1 hour at the latest.
- The buyer fills out the contract and makes the payment. (Paypal/Transferwise/Bank Transfer/Bitcoin)
- The payment is verified and the instagram account is transferred to the buyer.
- Successful to buy Instagram account.

How to sell an Instagram account?

Every instagram account that reaches 2K organic followers can be sold on the Insta Tradia platform. Our partners who want to sell their Instagram account go through the following processes.

They need to click on the sell your instagram account section on our Instagram account sales platform and fill out the contact form there. (You don't need your Instagram account password.)
Our verification team will review this Instagram account for sale and contact you via e-mail.
If your account passes verification, it will be uploaded to the site within 24 hours and wait for customer offers.
As soon as the offer is received, you will be contacted via e-mail. Once the agreement is reached, your account will be transferred via Insta Tradia.
Insta Tradia receives the payment from the buyer, then takes the instagram account from you and sends the payment to you immediately.

- The takeover should take less than 30 minutes and we will notify you before we begin.
- The transaction fee is 10% to be paid by the buyer.
- Payments are made via (Paypal/Transferwise/Bank Transfer/Bitcoin).

How can I return an account?

If the buyer receives the account and encounters an unexpected problem within 24 hours, they can let us know and initiate the return process. In case of return, there will be a 0% refund fee. Refund amount will be delivered within one week.

How long can you sell my instagram account?

We always make the requests of our partners our priority. We shorten the processing times by uploading your Instagram accounts that you want to sell to our platform as soon as possible. The sales period of your Instagram account varies depending on the category and activity of the account.

Why are the usernames hidden?

As Insta Tradia, we act as an Instagram account marketplace. We mediate a safe and fast trade between buyers and sellers.
Sellers sometimes do not want to share their account names as a spam or scammers. In addition, we prevent sales outside of our site.

My account has been sold when will my money be deposit

After you sell your Instagram account to the buyer, we send your money to you within 24 hours with the payment method you choose.

How much Is my Instagram account worth?

Finding the answer to this question is now very easy. On our platform where you can buy and sell an Instagram account, come to the instagram account selling screen and enter your account details. Our verification team will tell you the value of your instagram account via e-mail. Then the process of listing your Instagram account will begin.