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buy ig account
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buy active instagram account
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Listing Your Instagram Account

List your instagram account for free by filling out the Sales Form.

Wait for Your Instagram Account to be Verified

Our team will review your instagram account to verify your instagram account and will contact you via e-mail in case of need.

Your Instagram Account is Listed on the Merchant Platform

Once your instagram account is approved, it will be published on the merchant platform.

Customers Make Offers to Your Instagram Account

When an offer is made to your instagram account by the customer, if it is a reasonable offer, our team will contact you via e-mail. If you accept the offer, the Instagram Account Transfer process will be initiated.

Enjoy Your Money

First you give your instagram account information to our team. After the buyer makes the payment, your instagram account information is given to the buyer. Our team will send the payment to you and the instagram account information to the buyer.